CCSDS Channel Coding Unit

High-speed data transmissions for e.g. earth observation missions can be encrypted and encoded by the Channel Coding Unit. Developed together with OHB-System within the MSC and SAR-Lupe projects for the X-Band data transmission with approx. 320 Mbps and adapted by DSI for the projects BIRD and DATARAIN (BMBF supported projects) for approx. 500~1000 Mbps transmission. 

Supported modules: CCSDS- Source-Packet-Processing, CCSDS-Formatting, CCSDS- Reed-Solomon-Encoding, Interleaver (interleaving factor up to 8), CCSDS-Randomizer and data encryption with data- rates up to 1Gbps. All modules are highly flexible, e.g. Reed-Solomon-Encoder polynomial can be adapted from CCSDS to DVB or encryption algorithms can be changed. The addition ofextensions for Forward Error Correction such as CCSDS-Turbo- or - Convolutional-Encoding is also possible.


  • High-speed encryption with e.g. AES, IDEA etc.
  • CCSDS formatter
  • CCSDS Reed-Solomon-Encoder and Interleaver
  • CCSDS randomizer
  • Reference missions: KOMPSAT2 (Korea), SAR-Lupe (Germany)
  • Output Data Rate: up to 1Gbps
  • Input / Output I/F: Channel- Link, G-Link, LVDS, SpaceWire, parallel I/F (TTL/LVDS), etc.
  • Technology: Rad-Tolerant SRAM-based Xilinx FPGA. Also possible:
    Rad-Hard Antifuse-based Actel FPGA