EGSE with Detachable / Remote Interface Unit

Specialized test systems are essential tools for hardware and software development, integration and verification processes in the aerospace sector.

Supported by the modular design, the EGSEs are equipped with different interfaces. This allows an easy adjustment to various applications e.g. as cryptographic or communication system test equipment or as a payload sensor simulator.

As a special feature DSI provides EGSEs with Detachable Interface Units, enabling the user to install the workstation separatly from the unit. Thus tests can be commanded and supervised from a PC outside the test facility.

  • Remote access to EGSE via network
  • User-friendly API
  • Detachebale interface box with a fiber opitc cable with length up to 20 meters
  • Different interface standards supported
  • High-reliable electrical interface circuits for Flight Model testing
  • Up to 3 controllable power supplies
  • SDIP 27 level C (ER) / Zone 2 conform
  • Customizable Control PC
  • 2 independent interface boxes for testing of redundant systems
  • For detailed specifications please contact us