Ground Crypto Processing Unit (TC)

The Ground Crypto Unit performs all necessary tasks to establish a secure link to a trusted remote partner (i.e. satellite). The Ground Crypto Unit is capable of processing CCSDS packets with an arbitrary payload format. Access control and data storage is secured by SmartCards.

  • Provides high-security up-/downlink
  • Establishes authenticated connection with satellite/airborne unit
  • Performs mutual authentication
  • Performs key negotiation
  • Performs real-time symmetric en- and de-cryption (at up to 1 Mbps)
  • Gigabit Ethernet network support
  • DSI SmartCard reader for access control
  • True random key generation (TRNG) and secure key storage on SmartCard
  • Compatible with CCSDS standards
  • Uses separate Crypto Board for cryptographic operations
  • Data Rate: 1 Mbps
  • Data Interfaces: Fiber Optic Gigabit Ethernet , 1 Mbps Fiber Optic In/Out on Crypto Board
  • Reference missions: SAR-Lupe, GökTürk
  • Dimensions: 19" Rack case (3HE)