Payload Data Handling Unit

The Payload Data Handling Unit (PDHU) facilitates the handling and storage of payload data, e.g. obtained by a high-resolution camera. It covers the complete processing chain of the data, from the payload instrument to the transmitter and is well suited for use with high data rates (up to several Gbps). The PDHU is available for space-borne as well as for airborne applications.

The memory storage of the PDHU is based on high-performance high-density Memory devices (SDRAM or Flash). Suitable for storage and retrieval of payload data obtained by high-resolution instruments (SAR, Hyperspectral Cameras, etc.).

  • Data compression (e.g. JPEG 2000 or compatible)
  • FEC-protected storage of data
  • Special firmware modules for
    • File System
    • Formatting/encoding
    • CCSDS conform Image Data Compression (wavelet based)
    • Encryption and/or authentication of data
    • Data formatting according to various standards (e.g. CCSDS)
  • Control and coordination of all functionalities
  • Rad-hard, Compact and Modular design
  • Data storage from different independent input interfaces (up to 1 Gbit/s total)
  • Data downlink (up to 1 Gbit/s)
  • Storage capacity of 1 Tbit to 4 Tbit BOL (depending of selected Flash devices)
  • Channel Coding Functionalities (e.g transfer frame generation, Reed-Solomon)
  • File Management (PUS Service 13, CFDP)
  • For detailed specifications please contact us