DSI-AS provides experienced engineering staff for project management, system engineering and hardware, firmware and software development, as well as for verification and product assurance. Our experience covers all steps from design up to implementation, testing and integrationIf you have a problem but no smart and cost-efficient solution please allow us to help you!

We have particular expertise in the following areas:

  • Aerospace security, data handling and communications systems
  • Information and system security
  • Development of FPGA-based custom IP-cores
  • Software development for PC, microcontrollers, DSP and many other applications
  • EGSE and test systems

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Additionally, in terms of tools and facilities, the following are available:

  • CAD/Analysis Tools for:
    • PCB design (Altium, OrCAD)
    • FPGA design (Xilinx, Actel, Mentor) tools (development up to programming)
    • Mechanical design and analyses (Inventor, Ansys)
    • Thermal analysis (ESATAN, ESA thermal analysis tool)
  • SW verification tools:
    • Scitools Understand static analysis tool
    • Bullseye Code Coverage tool
    • TSIM LEON simulator for early testing before hardware integration
    • GRMON 2 for debugging and embedded test control on target hardware
  • Polarion requirements management tool
  • Clean room (ISO class 7) for flight hardware integration etc.;Thermal test chamber (-70°C to +180°C)
  • Thermal vacuum test chamber (10-6 Pa, -40°C to +120°C)
  • EMI/RFI-shielded Crypto Chamber
  • Convenient access to EMC test facilities, Vibration, Shock and Acceleration Testing facilities
  • Mechanical and electrical workshop

Upon interest, our facilities can be rented for in-house testing.


DSI-AS's clean room, thermal vacuum chamber test facility and thermal chamber test facility